Who is Proactive Training Solutions?

We deliver online and in-person training to provide sales teams with the tools they need to convert exponentially more traffic to the showroom.

Proactivity Is Our Core Belief for Success

Alan Ram, world-renowned trainer and auto industry expert, founded Proactive Training Solutions in 1991. He knew there was a better way for salespeople to leverage the phone and internet to bring more people to the dealership rather than waiting for sales opportunities to appear. As a former marine, Alan firmly believed in giving a hand up, not a handout, and developed this training with that philosophy in mind. His training has helped thousands of sales managers and teams in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, become better, stronger, sell more cars, and make more money.

Proactive Training Solutions Today

Alan’s timeless training principles continue to get great results today. In such a competitive landscape, most opportunities are lost before the customer even steps foot in the showroom. And our training addresses this, focusing primarily on effective lead conversion, both inbound and outbound, to drive more sales. Whether it’s responding to the leasing boom in recent years or the impact of the global pandemic, our team of industry experts has pivoted to help our clients evolve and stand apart from the competition.

Why Choose Us?

Primary focus on lead conversion to boost sales

24/7 access to our comprehensive training platform

Detailed outbound strategies to increase the bottom line

Teach managers to hold sales teams accountable

Easy to implement processes that fit in with you

Dedicated training coach assigned to you

In-person training at your dealership or industry events

New training content available each month

Varied packages that flex to the needs of your company

Regular reports to monitor your team’s performance

The Industry Leader for Auto Sales Training

Sales process training to capitalize on inbound leads and create outbound opportunities.

Up skill your team to create opportunities and convert.

Empower your managers with the skills they need to succeed with car sales executive training.

Teach your salespeople what to say on the phone and how it will boost sales.

Over 80% of people switch vehicles once at the dealership, we teach your team to capitalize on this.

Learn the skills to convert your digital leads into sales.

Train your staff whenever it suits you with our online training courses – perfect for onboarding new hires.

In-person training delivered at your dealership or by attending our car sales training seminars for dealership management.

Providing Automotive Sales Training to Thousands of Car Dealerships Since 1991

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