Mystery Shopping Conducted By Car Sales Experts

Want to know what your sales team or BDC sounds like when responding to inbound leads?

Evaluate Your Sales Team’s Performance Today

Taking inbound leads is a privilege – after all these are leads that YOU are paying for. One of the best ways to gain insight into your team’s performance is to mystery shop your dealership. It’s often a real eye-opening experience with real tangible results.

We can provide you with the insight you need so that you can train your team to convert more opportunities.

How Mystery Shopping Works


We’ll set up an introductory call with your management to understand the needs of your dealership.


We’ll call your dealership as if we were a shopper and score the rep’s performance on the call.


We’ll provide managers with a scoresheet, a recording of the call, and strategies for improvement.

What Do The Mystery Shop Bundles Include?

To help you pinpoint the issues your sales team are facing in converting phone leads, we can provide your dealership with the following services every month:

6 mystery shops for both new and used car phone leads

Scorecards and recordings for each call so the team knows exactly what to improve on

A debrief call with management to discuss mystery shop results and strategies for improvement

Knowing What Your Team Are Saying Is Critical To Success

It’s vital that your staff is properly trained on what to say to shoppers to get them touching tile. In today’s competitive automotive industry, the difference between making deals and losing deals comes down to knowing what to say. Our mystery shopping boosts team performance because:

Sales teams perform better when they know you’re listening

Mystery shops help you focus your training to hone in on areas of improvement

We provide actionable strategies to make your team better based on what we hear

Conducting Mystery Shopping Across The Auto Industry Since 1991

Mystery Shopping FAQs

Why are mystery shops effective?

Mystery shops provide your dealership with a snapshot look of what your salespeople sound like in a real-life situation. We provide you with detailed information on areas that your associate needs to improve on and actionable steps that need to be taken for improvement.

Why is Proactive Training Solutions a good fit for helping my dealership?

Here at Proactive Training Solutions, we’ve been providing industry leading car sales training to professionals since 1991. Over that time, we’ve developed a good understanding of what it takes to take car dealerships to new heights. And we’ve helped countless dealerships improve their sales team’s phone conversion rates through our mystery shopping. We’re confident we can help you.

Is there a commitment for mystery shops?

No, the service is fully flexible to suit your dealership’s needs. You can go a month at a time and cancel at any time.

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