that Converts

We deliver straightforward, strategies and skills, both written and verbal, that evolve with the ever-changing customer to make the sales team your dealership’s competitive advantage.

Since 1991 we have helped dealerships in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico convert opportunities to the showroom.  What does this mean? Well, historically the average shopper visited 5-6 car dealerships before making a buying decision. However, more and more buyers are going online to inform their car buying decisions and are calling dealerships or sending an online inquiry prior to touching tile.  It is critical that your staff is properly trained on what to say to these shoppers to bring them in to see YOU. 


In today’s competitive automotive industry, the difference between making deals and losing deals is knowing what to say.  We offer both inbound and outbound strategies for bringing shoppers into your dealership. With our training in place your team will not only know how to respond to leads coming into your dealership but your team will learn strategies to proactively bring in opportunities by leveraging the tools they already have access to. We will work with your team so that they know how what to say it and more importantly, why they’re saying it.


Our proven strategies provide your managers and sales teams the skills they need to get results using our easy 3-step system.


    This is where your team learns the basics of what to say and the psychology behind the word tracks. They get to understand the fundamentals so that they can be most effective with a customer.


    We teach your managers to practice with your teams so that they can think fast and respond to prospects most effectively.  The alternative is having your sales teams practice on real customers.


        You need to be able to inspect what you expect and your team needs to know this as well.  We teach your managers how to hold your teams accountable for maximum results.  After all, taking in leads that you pay for is a privilege, not a right.

        Want to improve your team’s effectiveness, leverage your marketing leads and create opportunities that bring in higher gross profit per retail unit?