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What We Do

  • Management Training

    Learn how to drive traffic to your dealership by managing salesperson activity, train for results, increase gross profit starting now, and turn call monitoring into customers in the showroom.

  • Phone Training

    Learn how to convert both inbound and outbound phone opportunities to deliveries better, faster, and smarter!

  • Internet Sales Training

    Learn how to exponentially increase your conversion rates on all internet opportunities.

  • BDC Training

    Cost effective Business Development Center Implementation, Re-implementation and Tune-Up.

  • Social Sales Training

    Learn how to leverage the power and scope of social media to drive traffic to your showroom.

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Management Training

In the automotive industry we tend to take our best salespeople and make them our managers, not realizing that the skill-set required to be a good manager is different than what is required to be a good salesperson.  At Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions automotive management training events, managers will learn how to drive traffic to their dealerships by managing salesperson activity, increase gross profit starting immediately, train for results, turn call monitoring into customers in the showroom, and execute business development strategies that work.

Phone Training

How much does it cost you as a Dealer or General Manager every time someone at your dealership picks up the telephone and doesn’t know what to say or says the wrong thing? A valuable opportunity is lost. Using state-of-the-art Lightspeed technology, our interactive training delivery system is available 365/24/7. Comprehensive testing ensures that the material is engaging and easy to understand and implement. This complete solution is comprised of education, simulation, and accountability and is available for individual users, dealerships, and dealer groups.

Internet Sales Training

Every statistic you’ll see in today’s automotive industry reflects that the average consumer shops less than 2 dealerships in person prior to making a buying decision. What this trend reflects is clearly a shift to Internet research as well as shopping. Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions offers easy to implement processes that have proven incredibly successful at exponentially increasing dealerships’ Internet conversion rates.

BDC Training

“A smart man learns not from his mistakes, but from the mistakes of others.” In the field of automotive business development, a lot of mistakes have been made by others.  While many companies employ a “cookie cutter’ approach to business development, Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions understand that each dealership is different and what works at one dealership might not necessarily work at another.  Whether utilizing salespeople in your BDC, specific BDC staff, or a combination of both, we can customize a solution that is most lucrative for you.

Social Sales Training

Prospective clients are all online and using social media. They are looking for local dealerships’ Facebook pages, searching YouTube for product comparisons, and asking friends across social platforms for recommendations. Most salespeople and dealerships understand that social platforms are powerful, they just don’t know how to execute. As a result, they feel frustrated by minimal engagement and no real return on their efforts, to the tune of countless missed opportunities and lost sales. But that can all change starting today. With this course you will learn how to dominate on social media. By applying the principles taught in Social Selling you will create a compelling social presence and experience the benefits of incredible online visibility. In this course, you learn exactly how to create a fierce social media presence, so you can get from where you are now, to generating high quality leads and ultimately sales off social platforms–with surprisingly simple implementation. The results come quickly with Social Selling!

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