“Don’t Fail Call Monitoring” on go.drive Dealer eNews

“Don’t Fail Call Monitoring” on go.drive Dealer eNews

Don’t Fail Call Monitoring

By: Alan Ram

As a dealership in 2015, I’m sure you have call monitoring. Can you honestly say that every inbound sales call is listened to by a manager? Many of you will say,

“We listen to some, but not all.”

In the prioritization of management activities, what in the world is more important than listening to your salespeople talking to customers that just called your dealership that want to buy cars today? Too many dealerships view call monitoring as an accountability tool when they should also be using it as a save a customer tool! As a substitute for actually listening to calls, some dealers will subscribe to services that “critique” or score sales calls. These services are not a solution but are instead a weak alternative that allow dealers to think they are doing something to address the problem. Here’s what I mean; you subscribe to one of these services with the result now being that your managers don’t feel they need to listen to your calls because it is being done for them. Days later you might receive a summary of your calls complete with scoring and critiques. The only problem with that is that most of these customers have already gone on to purchase vehicles elsewhere! You know a week later that Tommy missed an opportunity to ask a customer that already bought a car from your competitor four days ago for their phone number.




As an owner or General Manager, I don’t need to hire a company to evaluate sales calls after the fact, I need my managers listening to EVERY call throughout the day and recovering missed opportunities to sell cars. That customer who called in on a specific pre-owned vehicle at 10:00 AM today will be out somewhere buying a car at 6:00 PM tonight. If we listen to that call at 8:00 PM tonight, it’s too late! That’s why, throughout the day (hourly) your managers HAVE TO listen to calls and quickly resolve missed opportunities to do business. What activity is more vital for your managers to be spending their time on?

If 18 sales calls came in today, your managers need to be listening to 18 conversations. That is NON- NEGOTIABLE. They then have the opportunity to constructively coach your staff while saving opportunities. If your managers don’t think they have time to do this, you need to re-prioritize their day.

What is another benefit to this? When sales people know they are being held accountable, they naturally tend to take every call more seriously. This is an invaluable process that incorporates ULTIMATE accountability.