When I first attended MBF we were already the number one pre-owned volume store in PAG doing approximately 200 per month.  I learned A LOT about converting our opportunities to car deals during those three days.  We’re now averaging 250 pre-owned per month.  Invaluable training!
Justin Hoisington
General Manager
Among all of the tools and services that we have in place to help increase business, Alan Ram's ADAPT VT system has been the best return on our investment. Now when I walk through the showroom I hear my staff using Alan Ram's word tracks and landing even the most challenging customers in the showroom.
John Ingram
Today’s consumer is not interested in the same old tired sales tactics…The ADAPT-VT program has given our Sales Managers and Reps the edge that they need to turn telephone and internet prospects into appointments that show!
Tyler Heard
General Manager
I have been familiar with Alan Ram’s training since I first started using it with Coggin years ago. When I arrived at Sands Chevrolet, one of the first things I did was call Alan. The impact on my staff has been tremendous and we’re currently the #1 volume Chevy dealer in the Western US. My guys love the training.
Glen Drobney
General Manager
When Alan and I first launched his training at our Used Car Factory, he asked me what I would consider success.  My answer was 100 additional units per month.  Three months later we're there. Over 600 units per month! My people drive traffic now!
Rick Ricart
General Manager
Alan Ram's training and the ability to deliver it through the ADAPT VT platform has been an enormous part of our success over the years. Our staff finds Alan Ram’s techniques and word tracks applicable not only on the telephone but face to face as well.
Geoff Pleau
Executive Manager
The most powerful and detailed set of processes that I have ever seen or been exposed to in the auto industry.
Jeremy Sharp
Sales Manager
Since we started using ADAPT VT a few months ago, we’ve definitely seen an increase in showroom traffic.  Our phone up show percentage has increased by 20% alone.  If used properly, this system is foolproof.
Mike Mamic
General Manager
I have been to many training seminars that never seem to "stick" with my staff or me.  The Interactive portion of Alan Ram's training is a tool our managers use every day to coach our sales staff.  Our sales staff is more professional and competent as a result of the continuous training. This results in more Phone-up's, Be-backs, Repeats and Referrals walking through our doors daily. Additionally, I actually enjoy listening to Who's Calling now!
Dan Hodges