A Proven Plan to Win Business Using Social Media


Understand why social selling is the easiest and most profitable strategy for attracting and retaining clients.


Outline a simple and effective game plan that will allow you to create a fierce social media presence.


Follow-through on an easy to implement social selling game plan and create a strategy to sustain and grow it long term.

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The premise behind the course is simple:

The ability to aggressively and professionally convert prospective buyers from social media to the showroom is critical to your success in today’s automotive industry.

Prospective clients are all online and using social media. They are looking for local dealerships’ Facebook pages, searching YouTube for product comparisons, and asking friends across social platforms for recommendations. Most salespeople and dealerships understand that social platforms are powerful, they just don’t know how to execute.

As a result, they feel frustrated by minimal engagement and no real return on their efforts, to the tune of countless missed opportunities and lost sales. But that can all change starting today.

With this course you will learn how to dominate on social media.

By applying the principles taught in Social Selling you will create a compelling social presence and experience the benefits of incredible online visibility. In this course, you learn exactly how to create a fierce social media presence, so you can get from where you are now, to generating high quality leads and ultimately sales off social platforms–with surprisingly simple implementation. The results come quickly with Social Selling!
What People Are Saying
"Wow Laura is amazing! Social selling is an experience that definitely takes you to a whole new level!"
Israel Moncada, Toyota of Plano
"As a veteran in the business I was ready to make a career change and quit, until I ran across Laura Madison. After learning her social strategies I became re-energized and I found new hope in this profession. It was a game changer."
Kinny Landrum, Toyota of Bowling Green
"My manager introduced me to your training on social selling. I just wanted to thank you! Once I took it, and myself, seriously it turned out to be the greatest investment I could've made. Thanks a bunch!!"
Caleb Long, Toyota of Dothan

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