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Online Automotive Sales Training

Our Adapt Virtual Trainer delivers Alan Ram’s training in a way that is engaging, impactful, as well as easy to understand and implement. Testing and accountability every step of the way ensure that what has been trained on is understood. It’s like having expert trainers at your dealership 24/7.

Live Training Events

In today’s automotive industry you can no longer afford to miss a single opportunity. What a management team is doing when there are no customers in the showroom is every bit as important as what they do when they have a showroom full of customers. While most dealerships might have great desk people and closers, they don’t all have managers with strong management skills. Today, a manager’s two most important functions are managing individual activity and training for results. Management By Fire is a 2 1/2 day event that will teach Dealers, General Managers, and Managers the skills they need moving forward to survive and thrive in the automotive industry.

Customizable Events

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, the industry leader in automotive sales and management training, is available for live event bookings! For those of you looking for the momentum and energy of a live event, look no further. Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions conducts Management By Fire events, as well as other live speaking seminars and workshops, nationwide. These live training events provide high-impact, easy-to-implement processes and a game plan to to help take your dealership or dealer group to the next level of success.

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