Equip yourself with the skills to convert both inbound and outbound telephone and Internet opportunities to deliveries!

Invest In Yourself

The best investment is the one you make in yourself; realizing that there are many sales people and managers out there that are more driven to succeed than their dealerships, we have created ADAPT VT for individual users. I’ve seen a lot of people over the years that made money despite the fact that they weren’t any good, well those days are done, its time for you to quit making excuses and get good at your job! Here’s how you’re going to do it: after investing a low one time fee you’ll receive a username and password to our ADAPT VT system that will give you access to pre-selected content in my training library. The library will give you access to the best training in the industry when it comes to putting people on your showroom floor. You’ll learn specifically what to say to customers and just as importantly what not to say. Word tracks that will help you sell more cars starting today.

You’ll learn

  • How to effectively control a conversation.

  • How to stay away from price.

  • How to handle price effectively when it does come up.

  • How to handle specific inquiries on pre-owned cars on the Internet.

  • How to proactively create more repeat and referral business for yourself today and a lot more.

  • Hours of what to say to put customers in front of you, better yet, customers that close at a higher percentages. Isn’t that what you need more of today and every day?!

Managers: In addition to getting everything a sales person gets you will also get my managers course. Let’s make you the difference maker at your dealership, you can either hope for business to get better or you can make it better! It’s time to get good at your job, its time to ADAPT, every opportunity to do business counts, don’t wait another day to call us: (866) 996-4665.

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