New Management by Fire Dates Announced

New Management by Fire Dates Announced

Join us for Management by Fire in Denver, Colorado!

What can you expect as a result of you or your Manager attending Management by Fire?

  • We send you back a Manager who now knows how to really manage showroom activity. Understanding how to stop the crowding and migration to the front door will allow your Management team and salespeople to work together productively, to prioritize down-time with activity that will generate business, rather than standing around waiting for customers to come in. 
  • We share tangible strategies on how your Manager can create a culture of business development, where salespeople maximize repeat/referral opportunities and generate traffic from sold bases, orphan owners, the service drive, and social media. 
  • Your Manager will now understand how to hold his people accountable to a standard. How he can use consequences to drive the behavior he wants, and ultimately how he can effectively manage his staff.

“Since attending the Management by Fire training in Scottsdale I have been able to get my sales staff to focus in a new way. Learning how to train and role play the Alan Ram way has made the difference! We have out performed last year by 22% year to date and in a state where over all sales are down 24% our store is up 17%.” – Mark Gross, GSM

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