Alan Ram interviews with Auto Lead Star

Alan Ram interviews with Auto Lead Star

How did you get into the automotive industry?

I got into the industry completely by accident, which is how most people whose dads aren’t dealers get in! I joined the Marine Corps at 17, and when four years were up I wanted to stay in San Diego. Selling cars was my way in.

Years later, you’re in training– how did you get there?

I was always good on the phones– with follow-up, referrals, and repeats. I realized early on that chasing ups wasn’t what I wanted to do for a living, and found my niche in building customer bases by phone. Then, when my dealership sold in 1991, a dealer down the street reached out to me and hired me to train his people and teach them what I do. Then he asked me to speak at a 20 Group, which I did, and then it kind of pollinated from there.

There was no master plan, but each time I got an opportunity, I maximized that opportunity.

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