Management By Fire

Management By Fire ®

September 18th, Atlanta, GA

FIRE UP YOUR SALES TEAM​ to prospect, convert and retain customers with ALAN RAM’S PROACTIVE TRAINING SOLUTIONS’ revolutionary training seminar that creates real results for dealers. Join the industry’s best to learn ACTIVE TACTICS in managing activity in the showroom that can be applied immediately.

And It Works

Discover how to seize on online engagement, maximize your phone opportunities, and provide solutions for your customers — wherever they come from — to create more than just sales, but long-term loyalty.

Dealers and managers will learn how to:

Drive Traffic

Learn how to drive the best quality traffic with an easy to implement set of tactical processes that will get results daily.

Increase Gross

What once worked for gaining a fair gross profit, no longer does. Learn the strongest strategies available for capitalizing on the new rules of gross.

Train For Results

Much of what is referred to as “Training”, never really was. Learn how to train better, faster, and smarter in as little as five minutes per day.

Reduce Turnover

Be a management team that knows how to support your sales staff and provide them with the tools and culture they need to succeed.

Reduce Expense

Most dealers don’t need more leads, they need to do a much better job with the opportunities that already exist. Learn how to sell more by spilling less.

Quit Waiting

Learn how to manage activity on a daily basis. No more waiting for things to happen. Make them happen!

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Can’t Make it to Georgia?

No problem. With our ADAPT™ PLATFORM, you can get started learning the industry’s best methods for improving your sales right now. With nearly a hundred hours of video and interactive material, just head over to our website to sign up for our ADAPT Platform demo and start winning.


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