What Makes Us Different

Learn why Alan Ram is considered the industry specialist at driving traffic to your showroom floor.

Here’s a question I get all the time what makes you different and why should we go with you instead of any other trainer? Well, let me address the second question first. It doesn’t have to be an either or proposition.

It’s like going to the gym, you don’t need to pick between cardio and weights; both serve an important purpose in a complete fitness regimen. There are other great trainers out there that focus on different topics that could make a great addition to your training library. Also, if you already have another trainer whose interactive platform you are currently utilizing and it’s helping you to sell more cars, I would never tell you to quit using it, I’ll just help you sell THAT many more!

A lot of trainers simply touch on the topics that I focus on. We don’t just tell your staff how important the phone is; we give them hours and hours of what to say and why to say it specifically to put customers on your showroom floor. And it’s not just phone, it’s Internet and BDC, as well as teaching your managers how to actually drive traffic. Think of me as a specialist, if you’re having a heart problem, I would hope that you’re not going to go to your general practitioner, you’re going to go to a cardiologist because it’s that important. What your managers and sales people are doing when they’re not with a customer is every bit as important as what they are doing with a showroom full of customers.

In today’s business environment when dealers state that one of their biggest concerns is gross profit how important is it that your people get ahead of the game and draw your past customers back into the market before they’re even thinking about it and before they’ve had an opportunity to shop 25 of your closest competitors.

I don’t want your dealership to just be the last place they go, I want your dealership to be the first and last place all in the same trip. Those are some of the things we focus on, it’s automotive telephone and Internet training, automotive management training, and a lot more.

So again, think of me as a specialist while others are more general practitioners that is what makes us different! Call us today to get started; the number is (866) 996-4665!