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See you at Digital Dealer 21!

dd21 final

I’m excited to be speaking at Digital Dealer 21 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV! Please join me on Monday, August 8th from 2:30pm – 3:20pm for my session titled “5 Simple Strategies To Pack Your Showroom.” This workshop will focus on the conversion and management strategies of the best dealerships in the…

The Secret To Your Success


The Secret To Your Success What are the characteristics of a 30 car a month salesperson? It’s no secret that there are exponentially more average salespeople than great ones. However, the great salespeople work at the same dealerships as the mediocre ones. Given the same opportunity, why does one person succeed and make a great…

Ram On Fire Episode 11 – What’s Your Goal?


What’s Your Goal? Do you really know your goal on a phone-up or just think you do? Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions is recognized as the industry leader in Automotive Telephone, Management, Internet and Business Development Center (BDC) training. Click here to learn more about what we do for dealerships.

BDC Success


BDC Success Alan Ram shares some insights about how to promote unity and teamwork within a dealership. The Auto Dealerships that have a BDC of non-salespeople wind up creating more problems than they had anticipated with their approach. The dealership’s sales staff and the non-sales BDC staff typically have a situation where these two groups…

What People Are Saying About Management By Fire


What People Are Saying About Management By Fire Find out what people are saying about Management By Fire! This two and a half day Auto Dealership Management Training Seminar offers a unique and highly interactive experience instructed by Alan Ram. The small classroom setting provides an opportunity for you to get first-hand interaction with his…

Recent RAMblings, A Lesson From Steph Curry

Call Monitoring

A Lesson From Steph Curry Let’s talk about Steph Curry. If you aren’t familiar with him, Steph Curry is last year’s NBA MVP. Now, I’m not a big basketball fan, but I do watch a lot of sports talk shows, especially during election year, and I’ve heard several people saying that Steph Curry is this…

Check Your Big Ego!


Check Your Big Ego! One day I decided to go shooting at a local gun club. As I was shooting, a young woman came in and set up a few lanes down from me. She unloaded all her gear, everything from targets to a tactical belt, and put her target about twice as far away…

Ram On Fire Episode 10 – Fighting Tweets


Fighting Tweets A few days ago I shared a cartoon on social media. The cartoon pictured a conversation between a Manager and their General Manager or Dealer about how the Manager can’t get the Salesperson to use the phone properly. In response, someone tweeted back at me, “Come on Allen, you know why most can’t….