Alan Ram’s “Phone-ups that Show-up” on the NCM Associate’s blog

Alan Ram’s “Ups that Show-up” on the NCM Associate’s “Up To Speed” Blog

The goal of a sales call is not to set an appointment but to have someone actually show up at your dealership! Show-ups count, not appointments! There’s a big difference between setting up appointments and having people arrive. I’ve had plenty of salespeople come up to me excited at a dealership and tell me that they just used one of my word tracks on a customer on the phone, and it worked great. My question is always, “did the caller show up yet?” If not, nothing has worked “great” yet. Not until they show! (READ MORE)


Alan Ram Mentioned In Dealer Magazine!


“Training is a huge part of our culture. We work hand-in-hand with Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions. Through our partnership and a strong focus on training, we have experienced a 40 percent increase in profitability since 2010.” See the results that Sands Chevrolet of Glendale, AZ have experienced under the leadership of GM Glen Drobney…