How much does it cost you as a Dealer or General Manager every time someone at your dealership picks up the telephone and doesn’t know what to say? Each time a Salesperson, Manager or Business Development Center Representative picks up the telephone at an automotive dealership an opportunity is either gained or lost.

Listening to your inbound sales calls on Callbright, Who’s Calling, and other monitoring solutions will give you a pretty good idea as to the magnitude of the problem at your dealership.

As a dealer group or individual dealership, your management and sales staff must have a game plan that they embrace and believe in for capitalizing on each and every opportunity to do business daily. This program was developed by a car person for car people. This automotive sales training is easy to understand, a lot of fun to use and provides instant results. We provide automotive telephone training, BDC training, and Internet sales training. Whether onsite or interactively, let us provide a customized long-term solution for your dealership or dealer group.

Interactive Automotive Sales Training

  • Uses state-of-the-art Lightspeed technology

  • Interactive training delivery system available 365/24/7

  • Comprehensive testing ensures that the material presented has been understood

  • 100 percent transparency and accountability

  • A complete solution including: Education, Simulation, and Accountability

Now Available ADAPT VT for Dealerships and Individuals

The most exciting innovation in recent training history.
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On Site Training

The following are a few of the services that we offer. Each service is fully customizable to suit each individual dealership’s needs and objectives:

  • Two Day Interactive Training Kickoff

  • This is our most popular session. This two-day session (Day 2 is an exact repeat of Day 1 to allow 100 percent attendance) is conducted personally by Alan Ram. Alan will hold either “Phone-Ups That Show-Up,” a high power automotive telephone training class or his automotive sales training class “Growing Your Business.”

  • Management By Fire

  • How much good are all those “desk people” and “closers” doing you when you have an empty showroom? Great managers are defined not by what they do when they have a showroom full of customers, but by what they do when there are no customers in the showroom! This automotive sales management session is not to be missed.

  • Business Development Center Implementation (BDC), Re-implementation and Tune-Up

  • “A smart man learns not from his mistakes, but from the mistakes of others.”

    In the field of automotive business development, a lot of mistakes have been made by others. While many companies employ a “cookie cutter” approach to business development, Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions understands that each dealership is different and what works at one dealership might not necessarily work at another. Whether utilizing salespeople in your BDC, specific BDC staff, or a combination of both, we can customize a solution that works best for you.

Live Events

  • Live Seminars

  • Alan Ram will also have live seminar events taking place throughout the nation. Each seminar will focus on easy to implement processes to help drive traffic to your dealership. Call our office to book your seats today!

  • On-Site Customizable Workshops

  • Alan Ram’s On-Site Customizable workshops are high-energy sessions focusing on a customizable set of training processes to fit the needs of your dealership or dealer group. Please call our office today to book your next live event with Alan Ram (866) 996-4665.