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Day Two of Management By Fire – Scottsdale, 2017!

Management By Fire Day 2 Scottsdale, 2017

Alan Ram’s Management By Fire event for May is being hosted in the beautiful Scottsdale, AZ for 2017. The event is currently in full swing on the 2nd day of this two and a half day high-impact event focusing on increasing gross profit starting now, training for REAL results, and learning how to manage salesperson activity…

Dave Anderson’s, “Until You’re Perfect, it’s not Redundant”

Dave Anderson

While managing sales people I would occasionally hear a complaint from team members that sounded like this:
‘We’re going to train on the steps to the sale again? This is getting redundant!’
While helping to run a six-dealership group, I would occasionally hear a complaint from members of the management team that expressed the following:
‘Our training this month is on how to hire and interview…again? This is getting redundant.’