About Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, was founded in 1991 and provides dealerships, dealer groups, manufacturers, and individual users with the following:

  • Automotive Phone Training

  • Dealership Management Training

  • Automotive Internet Sales Training

  • Business Development Center (BDC) Training

  • Automotive Sales Training

Whether a dealer or manufacturer chooses onsite training, interactive training, or a combination of both, they can rest assured that they are getting the most current and up-to-date training offered in the industry. Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions has worked with some of the premier dealer groups in the United States including the Penske Auto Group, Asbury Automotive Group, Kendall Auto Group, Future Auto Group, and Anderson Automotive Group.

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions has also conducted training for nine Toyota regions throughout the country, and his training was required for certification at 2300 dealerships nationwide.

These affiliations are based on Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions’ outstanding reputation, along with our standing as an industry leader in automotive telephone, management, Internet, and BDC training.

About Alan Ram

Alan Ram

Alan Ram, President and Founder of Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, is recognized by most as the best in the automotive industry at increasing individual, as well as dealership, productivity through effective utilization of the telephone, Internet, and client base management. He has worked, and continues to work, with tens of thousands of salespeople, managers, business development and Internet staff from coast to coast as well as internationally. Alan has worked with several manufacturers over the years and his training has been a staple of Chrysler’s certification program at over 2300 dealerships nationwide.

He is an original partner on NADA University. His workshop, “Five Simple Strategies to Sell More Cars Now,” was the number one attended session at the 2012 NADA convention. Alan combines his sharp sense of humor along with a real world approach to convey a strong tactical set of processes that are easy to implement. Alan served proudly in the United States Marine Corps prior to beginning his career in the automotive industry. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.